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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shawl Dewi Cantik

     Shawl Dewi Indah Cantik
     Material: Cationic chiffon
     RM 41

Code: Indah   1           SOLD OUT
Code: Indah   2           SOLD OUT
Code: Indah   4           SOLD OUT
Code: Indah   7           SOLD OUT
Code: Indah   8                          
Code: Indah 14           SOLD OUT

     Shawl Dewi Kayangan Cantik
     Material: Chiffon
     RM 40

Code: Kayangan 1          SOLD OUT
Code: Kayangan 2          SOLD OUT
Code: Kayangan 3                         
Code: Kayangan 4                         
Code: Kayangan 5                         
Code: Kayangan 6          SOLD OUT
Code: Kayangan 7                         
Code: Kayangan 8          SOLD OUT
Code: Kayangan 9          SOLD OUT
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